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How to Research a Potential Employer

Avossi April 13, 2018

Researching a potential employer before you go to work for him is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. You'll need to know what the potential employer's mission statement is, how it treats its employees, and what its culture is like. The following are some tips for finding all of that out:

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Creating a Resume that Gets Attention

Avossi Mar 20, 2018

It’s hard standing out in a sea of resumes. Creating a resume that gets attention, not only from the computer programs that vet applications, but also from hiring managers and professionals is a little easier if you follow this practical advice.

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Looking for a New Job

Avossi Feb 20, 2018

Searching for a new job can be a troubling process. Often, people become truly discouraged before they find the job that they want. Using a job search website is a great way to narrow down prospects and really get a good look at what jobs are out there. There are three things that everyone looking for a job need to remember to help the process along.

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