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Do You Have to Work This Holiday Season?

It's that time of year again: the holidays are here, and from Thanksgiving through New Year's Eve, office workers will have a lot of time off, right? Well, what if you're in a job that does business through the holidays and you're asked to work? Or

Creative Ways to Apply for a Job

Many people know how to go online and perform a job search. Many people also know how to read a newspaper for job openings in the area. What they don’t know is how to set themselves apart from the numerous other people who are trying to get

Tips for More Confidence at Work

You wish you could be the one leading the presentation or the conference call, the one who gets multiple invitations to lunch each week and gets the big assignments and thus the big paycheck. However, that’s just not you. You tend to stick to

Got a Raise? How to Plan for More Money

Congratulations, you just got a raise! After the excitement subsides, you may wonder what you'll do with that extra money. While it makes sense to treat yourself and celebrate upon first getting the news of your raise, after that, you should spend


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