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Tips on How to Follow-Up

It can be hard to have patience after you have applied or been interviewed for a job. Here are some guidelines for the follow-up process that can help you know when and how to get in touch with a potential employer.

10 Things Not to Mention in an Interview

If you're lucky enough to get an interviewer with whom you feel comfortable speaking, it's tempting to share personal information about yourself. While sharing a few personal details can help solidify the relationship and perhaps get you the job,

Should You Join the Gig Economy?

More than 50 million Americans make money using the gig economy. With planning, a will to work and the right skills set, you could easily join them. Following are some points you should consider if you are thinking of becoming a freelancer in your

3 Ways to Make Your Resume Stand Out

Having an outstanding resume when you apply for a job is a must. You have no other options than to be superior if you want to get a job. An outstanding resume stands out from the thousands of other resumes that people put in for the same position.


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