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Why Resume Submission Follow-Ups Are Smart Actions

Avossi July 7, 2022

You've probably heard about how immensely beneficial it is to send interview follow-up messages, but perhaps you haven't heard of application follow-ups. They're similar to interview follow-ups, except you send them 24 to 48 hours after you submit your resume if you don't hear anything from the potential employers. Some job-hunting sites encourage it, and here's why:

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What Can You Do if No One Treats You Nice at Work?

Avossi June 6, 2022

It's not abnormal to want to work in an environment where everyone is friendly and respects each other. But the truth is that it doesn't happen much anymore. You probably have a greater chance of going to a workplace where no one treats you well than finding one where most workers are kind. Here are some tips if you don't know what to do:

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How 1099 Workers Can Survive in a Dog-Eat-Dog Economy

Avossi May 16, 2022

All workers are still suffering from the aftermath of the pandemic, but 1099 workers seem to have it the worst. They have the most difficult time finding jobs that pay well and don't cause wear and tear on equipment they own. Such workers also have to deal with stiff competition in fields they used to flourish in a while back. Can these workers survive? Yes, but they'll have to approach their work differently. Here's how:

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