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How to Keep Your Distance as a Front-Facing Worker

Avossi 16 December, 2020

Front-facing workers have the greatest risk of falling ill during the pandemic. Examples of front-facing employees are cashiers, stock people, and managers. You'll have to put forth extra efforts if you currently work as a front-facing worker. There are some ways you can keep your distance and stay safe and healthy during these rough times. Here are three tips for you.

Be Mindful of the Six-Feet Rule

The six feet rule is one of the most effective methods for avoiding virus exposure. According to specialists, the particles begin to fall to the ground before reaching another person who is six feet away. For that reason, you'll need to ensure that you stand back at least six feet when you're interacting with a customer.

Don't Be Afraid to Speak Out

Expressing yourself is just as important as staying aware of your surroundings. Don't be afraid to speak up if a customer is standing too close to you. You have a right to ask that your customers adhere to the six-feet rule and stand away from you to avoid transmitting a virus to you if they carry it. You can ask politely for the client to please step farther back as per company policy.

Work Behind Barriers if You Can

Many workplaces are installing plastic or glass barriers to protect their workers during this unprecedented time. It will be in your best interest to work behind a barrier if you have access to one. Furthermore, you'll need to clean the barrier at least every two hours with a special solution to make sure it stays sanitized.

It's also important for you to wear your protective gear to maximize your safety efforts. Keep a mask on at all times, and wear gloves and glasses to add an extra layer of protection to yourself. You can get through this if you make an effort to.

Keep Yourself Safe and Well

Those are a few ways you can stay unharmed during the pandemic. Try those practices the next time you work and implement them every day. You should succeed in keeping your health positive for a long time.