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Understanding Bereavement Leave

Avossi 17 September, 2021

When you are considering benefits packages with a new employer, it is important to think beyond simple health insurance. There are many types of benefits that employers offer. One of the lesser-known types of paid leave benefits is bereavement leave. Let's look at this important benefit so you can better understand how it works.

What Is Bereavement Leave?

Bereavement leave is paid time off which is offered by an employer to their employees in the event that an immediate family member passes away. In many cases, there will be stipulations on who qualifies as an immediate family member. This usually applies to family members who are living with you. However, you will want to research the stipulations for a particular company to understand who qualifies.

Under bereavement leave, an employee will be allowed a certain number of days off with pay. This time can be used to make final arrangements for the loved one. This time can also be used to give the employees time to process their loss.

Why Is Bereavement Leave Offered?

Bereavement leave is an important type of benefit which helps employees during a challenging time. Having this time to process and cope with the loss of a loved one will ultimately help employees maintain better mental health and overall productivity later on. Employers understand that the only way employees can remain healthy and productive in the workforce is if they are at liberty to deal with things that are also going on in their personal lives as well.

If you are reviewing benefits packages with a new employer, be sure to check out their policies on bereavement leave.